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Super Ice Melt: Calcium Chloride Flakes & Urea Blend 1 KG Tub

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Super ice melt blend of calcium chloride flakes and urea granules.

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Brand: Ashland

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Super Ice Melt Formula 1 KG Tub

  • Avoid Slippery paths & driveways
  • Avoid injuries to customers, family & visitors
  • Avoid lawsuits
  • Keep your business running
  • Resealable  & stackable keg with handle, for easy storage and easy distribution

This Super Ice Melt is a blend of Calcium Chloride Flakes and Urea Granules that is effective at both preventing the formation of ice or for melting snow and ice down to temperatures of -25C. Calcium Chloride is known to work on temperatures lower than -30C and also melts ice faster than normal deicing products.

Calcium Chloride Flakes can melt ice 7 times faster than rock salt because it is exothermic which means that it creates heat as it dissolves and melts the ice at a much faster rate. By depressing the freezing-point on treated surfaces calcium chloride is used to prevent ice formation. This is particularly useful on road surfaces. Unlike the more commonly used sodium chloride, calcium chloride is relatively harmless to plants and soil; there is however some evidence that it can be harmful to roadside evergreen trees. The use of calcium chloride to melt snow and ice and to prevent low friction conditions is an efficient tool in any winter road or path maintenance program.

Urea Granules are non-corrosive, non caustic and non tracking (leaves no residue to be trampled over floors and carpets) works down to temperatures of approx -11C and its ice melting performance is improved with the addition of Calcium Chloride Flakes making this blend effective to at least -25C. Urea is often used, indeed is the preferred option, for airports and airfield runways etc as it melts the ice quickly and easily and leaves no residue behind which is important for aircraft as the residue of chloride (salt) deicers can cause serious damage to aircraft.

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