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Bumper Christmas Pack Necessities

A Bumper pack of necessities for every home at Christmas time. We have professional grade kitchen paper and tin foil, these are not your everyday tin foil and cling film, greaseproof paper but top quality rolls as used by the professional catering industry. They are longer, stronger and guaranteed to outperform any cheaper supermarket chain supplies by a long long way. These rolls are great value on their own, but we have added 100 packs of plastic disposable knives, forks, white 2-ply napkins, red washable table covers and drinking straws.

We have also added a box of probe wipes for cleaning the meat and poultry thermometers after use to avoid contamination, again these are used by the professional catering industry.

We have also got a bumper 24 pack of strong and absorbent kitchen roll to clean up all those spillages. And don't forget the 10 pack of cotton drying cloths so that all the men can get stuck into the washing up after that christmas dinner!

We have thrown in a 60ml alcohol gel sanitiser to keep the winter bugs at bay as you endlessly shake hands with visitors and wellwishers who might just be spreading some nasty bugs on their hands. One quick squirt and rub and you are sanitised, protecting, you, your family and your Xmas from germs. And finally keep your breath fresh with our pocket sized breath freshener spray gold spot original, one squirt to freshen up that breath before dishing out the Xmas kisses under the mistletoe.

  • Tin Foil: professional grade 45cm x 75metres extra strong
  • Cling Film: professional grade 30cm x 300metres extra strong
  • Greaseproof Paper: professional grade 45cm x 50metres
  • Baking Parchment: professional grade 45cm x 50metres
  • Probe Wipes: Anti-Baterial to clean that meat thermometer
  • Plastic Forks: 100 pack
  • Plastic Knives: 100 pack
  • White Napkins: 100 pack 2-ply 40cm x 40cm
  • Drinking Straws: box of 250 black flexi-bend straws
  • Table Covers: 10 pack
  • Tea Towels: 10 pack cotton drying cloths - one each for the men to get stuck in to the Xmas washing up!
  • Gold Spot: pocket sized breath freshener to ensure all those Xmas kisses are fresh!
  • Kitchen Roll: pack of 24 kitchen rolls, strong & absorbent with 60 sheets each
  • Alcogel: 60ml alcohol gel hand sanitiser to keep bugs at bay over Xmas


These rolls of greaseproof paper, tin foil, baking parchment, cling film, kitchen roll etc will last you well beyond Christmas. They are top quality professional rolls as used by the catering industry and fantastic value compared to smaller, thinner, shorter and cheap quality supermarket chain versions. Make your Xmas a professional, stress free and fun time with our super offer.


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Bumper Christmas Pack: tin foil, cling film, napkins, table covers, etc

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