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Bulk Pallets of Snow & Ice Melt - 32 x 25 KG (Non-Salt Based Urea Mix)

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Bulk snow removal and ice melt products for major consumers

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Removes snow and ice quickly and prevents them from returning for days! Urea based snow and ice melt, effective, quick, safe and easy to use. Urea is an environmentally preferable product to salt.

BULK PALLET DEALS (32 x 25KG  - we can also do pallets of 16 x 25kg if required)
Snow and Ice Melt

We can offer bulk pallet deals to businesses, hospitals, charities, schools, clubs etc who need a lot more than a few containers of 25 KG. We supply pallets of 16 x 25kg or 32 x 25 kg or even bigger deals if required. For pricing and details please contact us on 028 777 67007.

25 Kg Snow And Ice Melt (Non-Salt based UREA mix)  Sold in a Re-sealable Keg.

  • Avoid Slippery paths & driveways
  • Avoid injuries to customers, family & visitors
  • Avoid lawsuits
  • Keep your business running
  • Resealable  & stackable keg with handle, for easy storage and easy distribution

  • A top quality product to remove all that frost or snow.
  • Non toxic to humans and animals.
  • Will not damage grass, concrete, metal or wood
  • Simply sprinkle on the area affected and watch that snow and ice disappear.
  • Fast acting & can even be used to prevent ice and snow forming.
  • Non-corrosive formulation (UREA MIX).
  • Will not damage indoor surfaces if trodden indoors.
  • Long lasting effects even after other deicers have stopped.
  • No Mess & No residue left behind.
  • Safe to handle & easy to apply by hand or spreader.
  • Caustic free. Contains no harmful chemicals.
  • Used by professionals and industry for de-icing airport runways etc.
  • Urea is normally used in areas where tarmac, concrete, grass, shrubs & trees are to be protected.
  • The industrial choice for ice and snow clearing.

Keep your paths and driveways clear this winter using our specially formulated UREA based snow and ice melt. This is a non-salt based chemical formulation using UREA. Urea is often used, indeed is the preferred option, for airports and airfield runways etc as it melts the ice and leaves no residue behind which is important for aircraft as the residue of chloride (salt) deicers can cause serious damage to aircraft. So if residue of chloride based deicers can cause damage to airplanes just think what they can do to your carpets and homes when you walk through the residue and tramp it into your carpets and wooden floors!

UREA is used at airports as it causes no damage to the runways, concrete etc. due to its non-caustic and non-corrosive formula. Most popular forms of easily available chloride-based snow and ice control products can accelerate corrosion. Those corrosive substances can cause damage to your paths and driveways, so take the safe option of the professionals and use our fast acting, no mess, and entirely safe UREA formulation. No Mess, Acts Fast and Safe To Handle.

Use our safe UREA formulation to protect your property, customers and family.

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